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Peter Avedisian's
Cosmic Hill
Recording And Sound Production Services
  Peter C.  Avedisian is a visionary artist living  in Vermont. Peter is a musician, guitarist, songwriter, sound engineer, who runs his own recording studio that is open to the public.  On this site, Peter sells  CD's from his solo projects, where he does all the music and  CD production on his own.  As a life long practitioner of the spiritual arts and disciplines,   Peter writes articles on interdimensional consciousness and perception. Peter's writings  and compositions are mostly inspired from the inner light,  inner landscape and the journey of the evolving and deepening connection with all that is. The mystical experience.
  Peter built and runs his own mini private ski area. The ski area has a T-bar, a few snowguns, groomer and a 175 ' vertical drop. Video clips, pix and update reports are posted on this site as well. 
  Peter designs, manufactures and sells, Snowguns and Snowmaking systems for the backyard and beyond. Snowguns ranging from 5 to 12 gpm. 
Hand Crafted Snowguns. Made in Vermont.

Snow making for the backyard and small industry. 3gmp - 12gpm.

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Hire Peter's classic rock band FOOL'S GOLD for your next event.     1-802-496-3166 #1
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